KlenzU Hand Sanitizer


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Indian Chemicals Private Limited




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Uttar Pradesh, India.


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KlenzU Hand Sanitizer 100ml
KlenzU Hand Sanitizer 100ml
Hand Sanitizer
KlenzU 50ml Hand Sanitizer KlenzU with 80% Alcohol & Natural Glycerine is Non-sticky, Kills 99.99% Germs, keeps hands soft & Moisturised and is available in Lucknow at very affordable prices!! Indian Chemicals Pvt Ltd. is a company that is in operation since 1939 Drug License No. 3 of 1948 is Manufacturing the highest quality of Hand Sanitizer KlenzU at reduced prices to provide access to cleanliness, sanitation & hygiene for people in India, UAE & around the world in order to protect against Coronavirus #Covid19. ICPL is manufacturing Hand Sanitizer KlenzU based on the WHO & FDA approved Handrub Formulation of 80% Alcohol & Natural Glycerine to Kill 99.99% Virus, Germs or Bacteria & keeping your hands clean, soft & moisturised. KlenzU Hand Sanitizer is one of the only products in the market with 80% Alcohol compared to 62% to 75% Alcohol or Ispropyl Alcohol based Sanitizers which have flooded the market and companies are surging prices due to the high demand taking undue advantage of the current crisis and lockdown. Hand Sanitizer KlenzU is available with below discounted prices as per Govt of India Guidelines: 50ml for Rs25 100ml for Rs 50 250ml for Rs 125 500ml for Rs 250 1L for Rs 500 5L for Rs 2500 For Bulk Orders, we will be providing additional discount, so please contact: Email [email protected] or Dr Rashmi Dhaon +919026557030, Mr Avishkar K Dhaon +919335336413 or Whatsapp Indra Dhaon +918303116883 to order high quality Hand Sanitizer KlenzU. KlenzU Hand Sanitizer provides protection to your hands by killing 99.99% Virus, Germs & Bacteria that are contracted when making contact with infected/ contaminated objects such as - shaking hands, currency notes, door knobs, chairs, laptops, mobiles, shoes etc. For Orders, Please Contact: [email protected] or Call +919026557030; +919335336413. Whatsapp +918303116883 www.klenzu.com